l 8” x l 8” with hanging head 

Acrylic on canvaswith paper, tape, mylar and

I like to paint on large canvases...

I pick a situation, a narrative, a story then choose colors and focus in on the act of painting. For example –

I wanted to do a water painting like the aqua sea on vacation.

I stretched a canvas 5.3 x 8 feet and used a collection of aqua pastel colors, crushing them into sand and mixing them with acrylic medium on the unprimed canvas -

puddles of plastic !  building layers.

This painting is called “what price plastic”.


73” x 57”

echo of myself

72” x 83”

Having watched the moon, waited for a signal

Some specific combination of colors and sounds, some key to mystical serenity.

Having seen only grey, in chaos I shut my eyes and plug my ears.

Propelled by solar wind, ricocheting off the sun, my shadow, long

gleams over the turbid sea. Dense warm waves pulling away, pushing me into


Transparent blue calm, the ocean lit from within. Diving through ubiquitous stillness.  Deep underwater, silence seduces.

Guided by solitude, towards furtive primordial roots.

There is no unnecessary motion.

Drunk in tri-mix narcosis, eyes open, ears breathe. Recompression,  excitation

without regret, the I disappears

She comes here often to dream in front of the water’s edge, to imagine what will be beyond.

All she has is the memory of what was done or not done, touched or not touched,

even for a moment. She is nervous that she will not be blooming in time.

                                                 Impatiently, soil is aerated by stiletto heels, tearing through raw roots.

                          Staring in dismay at nature’s innocence, petals slip through fingers that have lusted.

                          Stolen cuttings, cradled, caressed, erotizied.  Then bruised lips, surrendered spirits.

TURN AROUND 48” x 144” (diptych) acrylic on canvas

Trees have engaged me since I first picked up a pencil.

Conceptually all compositional aspects of the


plane can be addressed by the tree, from the stark vertical of the trunk in the cold winter’s sky to a dense web of branches and leaves in the haze of summer. From these elements color next to color, pattern next to line, light capturing and releasing mass the organic narrative unfolds. Trees relate a personal vision to a world we can all share.

see no...hear no...speak no...

25” x 96”


winter - pink and reds, 70” x 49”

spring - greens and grey, 55” x  61”

summer - purple and green, 61” x 49”

autumn - umber and orange, 55” x 49”