Ruth Wolf

       new paintngs

tell me a secret   35” x 107”




hanging peace  40” x 62”
















54” x 96” composed of 12 canvases 18” x 24” in various depths

with acrylic paint, spray paint, mirror paint, glow in the dark, cloth, graphite and Sharpie

A walk in Czechoslovakia              44” x 72”    

acrylic on canvas with graphite,charcoal and litho crayon


  eye test page         30” x 24”                               Blue        30”  x 24

  ink block print                                                      ink block print




These days we are confronted by so much spin -- half truths, fake news, alternative facts. 

To sort out  and make any sense of this credibility gap results in a headache - noise, nonsense,  constantly conflicting fragments.

As a painter, how do I present this process of arranging and rearranging thought fragments ?

I made an art work.  I call it “Broken Book”.

“Broken Book”  consists  of 11 painted fragments on small 10 x 10 inch canvases mounted on a peg board.

The  canvases are easily removed from the peg board and can be repositioned in any order.

“Broken Book” is meant to be interactive.

By deconstructing and reconstructing the arrangement of the canvases, the viewer becomes a participant. Participation asks us to questions what merits our attention. It asks us to re-imagine a new order that is both improvisational and playful. And by being playful we overcome fears.

Thanks for playing.

Have fun.


3 x 3            SHE            HE