Ruth Wolf   

            new paintngs



                                                            war calls 65” x 68”




                                                                  50 pairs of eyes

                                                                         39” x 34”

                                                                   leaf shadows

                                                                  40” x 36”


no cry

54” x 96” composed of 12 canvases 18” x 24” in various depths

with acrylic paint, spray paint, mirror paint, glow in the dark, cloth, graphite and Sharpie


        WAR, it’s like trying to stop the rain.

This is a two part installation consisting of a painting on canvas 72” x 72” , and the 12 floating masks, suspended in front of it.

The hanging masks extend the painted space into the real space and asks the viewer to enter.   OR

The hanging masks can act as a barrier to the painted surface, and the viewer has to choose to enter or to remain on the periphery.

From this distance the picture plane is constantly distorted by the moving masks and their shadows.

An analogy is inferred as to how we either choose to become involved with what is going on around us, to see a picture up close and clearly, or choose to remain on the fringe, voyeurs with a distorted view.  


Neutrality in the face of an existential threat is nothing more than appeasement.

Just grab ‘em by the pussy  30” x 14”